​  John McKee Music

My name is John McKee. Yes, I am a singer and have been for many years. Singing has not always been the focus of my life, but it has always been a part of it as well as a passion 
​I have worked for over 40 years as an executive Pastry Chef. I operated  my own business for 15 years as well as worked in a number high end hotels and pastry shops. My favortie job was working at Masa's in San Francisco for 3 years. Masa's was a Michelin Star restaurant and an incredible place to be creative. I left Masa's to relocate to the East Coast with my life partner.
I have been a practioner and instructor of Tai Chi for over 15 years. I am also an amateur photographer.
Music has always been a passion burning deep inside.
​I have performed at many weddings and parties and was hired to sing on a monthly basis at a Senior Rehab facility in San Francisco for over 2 years. 
​The fires of passion to sing started burning hotter a little over a year ago when I started going to an Open Mic in Bryn Mawr. I was soon recruited to sing at the first South Wayne Porchfest and the Taste of Berwyn. I have been studying voice with Paul Adkins of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
​I have recently joined Working While Playing, a local non-profit organization dedicated to making studio and recording time affordable for musicians. 
​I have decided to make myself available and will now offer my services.
​Singing is my joy and I bring that joy to all of my performances. I look forward to bringing that joy to you also. 

Photograph by John McKee​

Photograph by John McKee